Sauna and baths

The bath complex of the hotel "Bristol" consists of Russian bath, Finnish sauna and Roman baths. A visit to the complex for guests staying at the hotel, free. All guests are treated to fragrant tea from the Crimean herbs!

Steam room

In the Russian bath is possible to improve health, cleanse the body of toxins, get rid of excess weight and emotional stress. During the procedure, the body tissue is saturated with oxygen, it results in muscle tone, elasticity and firmness of the skin. The heat increases blood circulation, stimulates the internal organs, stimulates the activity of internal secretion glands, improves metabolism. Wisely spent bath treatment for effects comparable to active training, but in the bath, the load on the heart and blood vessels increases slowly, not perenapravit the body.

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna has high temperature and low humidity. It is believed that in a dry atmosphere of high temperature is transferred easier, because in the air, little moisture, and it is saturated with oxygen. This is the perfect place to stay. How nice to relax in the comfortable sauna lined with pine wood, while You envelops the soft and gentle warmth!

Roman Thermae

Bath is a combination of traditional Oriental hammams and the Roman baths. Walls and dome are decorated with mosaics azure, and benches made of natural Indian stone. Since ancient times, people wore jewelry made of onyx on the body, using them as amulets against disease and improves the functioning of internal organs. Particularly beneficial influence of this stone to the kidneys and liver. Also its effects relieves weather-sensitive people, strengthens the spine and even improve hearing. The legend says that this mineral carries an inner strength, increases vitality of the mind and body, banishes fears, harmonizes mood.

Please note that every Monday is cleaning day, so on Mondays, the complex is closed to the public.

Phone the Manager of the bath complex: +7 978 947 94 27